Tony Ortega’s Severe Fact Allergy

Not that Tony Ortega, self-professed ‘expert’ and paid propagandistic shill, asked us but we thought it might be high time someone offered this pretend journalist a crash course on ‘facts’. The fact is we worry Tony Ortega may have a severe fact allergy.

Much to the credit of print journalism, Tony Ortega has always been regarded as something of sad joke within the industry. From his bizarre attempts to write fake stories under assumed names to sow chaos and confusion, to the prominent role he played in advocating on behalf of pimps and child sex traffickers to say Tony Ortega is not exactly a straight shooter would be a tremendous understatement.

We know there is little chance this humble blog will do much to change Tony Ortega’s warped understanding of the role good journalism plays to keep a functioning society informed but our hope is that we might perhaps reach some of his would-be readers who have difficulty separating the signal from the noise. (And when it comes to Tony Ortega that noise can be pretty deafening.) Make no mistake Tony Ortega is not a journalist but just an unemployed blogger at the fringes of the internet – his own words.

Only when we begin to examine the nature of facts as opposed to biased propaganda, do the raving scribblings showcased on Tony Ortega’s basement blog fall into their proper context.

Facts, knowledge, and truth are the basis of all logic and critical thinking. They are the building blocks of all clear headed thinking. But as unscrupulous writers like Tony Ortega understand, facts and knowledge (indeed, truth itself) can sometimes be twisted to serve whatever dark purpose unethical con artists wish. Tony Ortega has made a career (if such a word could ever be fairly applied to the most chronically unemployed “professional” we’ve ever encountered) of conflating his personal biases as undisputed fact.

Consider Tony Ortega’s ‘hot takes’ on religious faith which litter the shameful posting history of both Ortega and his semi-literate wife, Arielle Silverstein. They speak with the weight of an assumed authority which would be laughable if it were not so destructive to his blind followers who seem ready to swallow whatever lie Tony Ortega spits out next.

When Tony Ortega tries to pimp himself as some kind of “expert” on Scientology or he is  playing this same game, counting on the fact that his readers won’t be able to tell the difference between fact and propaganda.  Don’t be fooled. Tony Ortega is a liar who will say anything to maintain his biased fictions — and that’s a fact.

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