Tony Ortega’s Stunning Lack of Objectivity: A Case Study

Long before defending the Backpage for its exploitation of child sex slavery, Tony Ortega wrote a story for the now defunct New Times Los Angeles in which he attempted to cast dispersions on expert testimony concerning Project MKUltra, the CIA’s controversial mind control program on human subjects — which were, at times, illegal.

Tony Ortega’s piece, entitled “Sex, Spies and Videotape” is a classic example of manufactured controversy designed by Tony Ortega orchestrated to generate public confusion. This did not go unnoticed by readers of the paper, one of whom wrote the paper to address this issue writing:

“Besides Tony Ortega’s lack of objectivity, his story of MK-Ultra is inaccurate and misleading.” The writer then gave a detailed account of how Ortega got it all wrong and was writing on a subject of which he knew nothing.

Inaccurate and misleading ‘facts’ have long been a tactic of Ortega’s, one he has employed since he first began masquerading as an ‘independent journalist’.

Indeed, even a cursory glance at Ortega’s blogging style gives one the unmistakable impression that it’s entirely devoted to discrediting individuals and organizations with the intended objective of muddying the water and smearing targeted subjects. Ortega cherry-picks stories to cast certain subjects or people in their most negative light. Representing himself as an “independent news source,” he gives his readers the false sense that his blogging is balanced and above the fray, offering the stories he claims that “Big Media” is too afraid to publish. In truth, he is merely an obsessive propagandist determined to manipulate public opinion toward his own narrow thinking.

Tony Ortega’s hate obsessed campaign against Scientology shares many of Ortega’s hallmark obsessive, propagandistic tendencies. It must frustrate him to no end that “Big Media” dismisses his blog as irrelevant, ignoring the hate-driven ranting and raving he attempts to pass off as ‘journalism’. Clearly, Tony Ortega is uncomfortable writing unbiased, fact-based pieces. He only demonstrates this further with every blog entry he posts.

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