Tony Ortega’s syndicate of fake Twitter users

Well, it looks like it’s happening. In light of our breaking the news about Tony Ortega’s syndicate of fake Twitter users it would appear that his regular posting routine has been interrupted.

Without the benefit of Twitter’s state of the art algorithms it’s difficult to know with absolute certainty that user @Opticheart is, in fact, a real flesh and blood human and not a pre-programmed robot hired to respond to Tony’s posts (or lack thereof) —and, let’s be honest here, when compared to the few real-life followers Tony does have that difference can often be hard to discern.

What is clear, however, is that Tony Ortega’s tired cycle of reposting stories and/or hotlinking to the hate speech “journalism” of others, appears for the moment to be broken.

Is he scared of drawing anymore attention to himself as a blatant abuser of Twitter’s Terms of Service? A break from Twitter might do Tony well, perhaps he could even use the time to review some of Twitter’s other terms he violates with such flagrant regularity.

Take a close look at the policy below as listed on Twitter’s official page, Tony, and ask yourself whether these violations might not also put your status in jeopardy:

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