Tony Ortega’s Third Rate Thug “Journalism”

This week we’ve been looking at how Tony Ortega intimates, browbeats and generally conducts his dishonest style of “journalism” like some third rate thug. Today a new exchange emerges, this time shared by one of our readers. This time Tony’s stunning unprofessionalism is exemplified in an email back and forth in the wake of a Scientology story run by the website Business Insider (BI) which had incorrectly attributed Tony Ortega as a one of the sources on the story.

Apparently Tony did not take kindly to not being consulted, as he considers himself the owner of any and all stories pertaining to Scientology.

The source for the story writes:

Tony and I would never [done this story] together as we hate each other and, as an editorial desk guy, he does not have the balls to actually show up at a beat reporter location like this with even the slightest danger of arrest.

Meanwhile Tony Ortega must have five computer monitors running at all times to constantly monitor social media about himself. Within minutes of posting to Facebook I received an email saying “Tony is upset with you.”

What follows is a reprint of Tony’s emails to this source. It is another example of Tony Ortega’s intimidation tactics:

TONY ORTEGA: “I just talked to her on the phone and she said she never met and talked with you. Emails from her prove that she did? Are you fucking high?”

TONY ORTEGA: “Trying to get through to the idiot editors at the Business Insider to get them to change their bullshit article that relies on a lot of self-serving crap, including utter falsehoods about me that they never checked with me about…

Tony responded again, referencing a woman he believed to be his source alone:

Still fuming that he, Tony Ortega, owner of all Scientology stories, was not involved in the Business Insider story, he responded a third time:

TONY ORTEGA: “I asked her if she met with you and spoke to you, as you told the BI. She denied it. She said she drove by but did not meet with you or talk to you. And yes, I still have the email you sent her in which you tried to intimidate her. You really want to push me on this, you lying sack of shit?”

Tony Ortega’s extreme disrespect and obscenity appearing in the email quotes above are exactly the kind of language and attitudes many report from him in back-channel communications as well.

It is undeniable that Tony Ortega is a hyper-controlling narcissist who is badly in need of a series of anger management courses and a couple of journalism refreshers on how to identify your own bias.

Indeed as the source of this story himself concluded after all the dust had settled:

As the most biased person writing about Scientology today, I believe his stories need MUCH more questioning than they have been getting.”




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