Tony Ortega’s Unreliable Sources: Amy Scobee

In December 2016, Amy Scobee saw a car parked near her apartment in Los Angeles and posted a photo of the car (with the license plate) on Twitter with the following statement:

“Looks like they’re at it again. Someone parked outside my apartments, in his car for hours. Filmed me as I walked by. Wonder who it is?”

Scobee’s fabricated story was picked up by Tony Ortega who, without fact checking any of the information, had a private investigator run the license plate and track down the owner of the car, and published a blog smearing the individual concerned without any regards for his privacy and the truth – after all Scobee is one of his most trusted sources so there was no reason to doubt her information. Ortega’s blog read in part:

“Think of the intestinal fortitude that it required, the mental stamina, and the supply of snacks to sit in a car for several hours straight while it was parked in a red zone outside the house of Amy Scobee.

Why else was a car parked outside of Amy’s house all day but to get some new shots of her to add to Scientology’s collection? Amy happened to notice the car, and went out to take a look. She snapped a couple of photos as the car’s driver filmed her, and she got a really good look at him. Well, we’re sure glad she did. Because how else could we give credit where it’s due and congratulate Corey L. Steele for his hard work and dedication to his job? Steele was so dedicated to saving the church money, apparently, he didn’t do the standard trick of renting a car before tailing his prey. That’s right, the car Amy spotted was Steele’s own, and she positively identified the photo of him that you see above as the guy who was sitting in it. So who is Corey L. Steele, and what qualifies him for Scientology’s highest civilian award? Why, he’s a natural! Before he was tailing people for the Church of Scientology …”

Ortega was particularly proud that he positively identified the owner of the car (through his private investigator), but it turns out that Scobee made up the whole story and Mr. Steele was not watching or filming her, he lived there! Ortega never came out apologizing to the Church for his false story and for his outrageous tabloid style accusations.

Ortega had plenty of warnings that Scobee is a liar and very unreliable, but why would he care since he is getting paid – through solicited donations – by his sources and readers to continuously spew false or sensationalized propaganda filled with bigotry and hatred.

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