Tony Ortega’s Unreliable Sources: Hana Whitfield

Hana Whitfield is another leading source for Tony Ortega notwithstanding the fact that she was expelled nearly 40 years ago from the Church of Scientology, she also has motives to lie about Scientology.

Shortly after being expelled Whitfield tried to wreak her own vengeance by filing a $1 billion class action lawsuit against the Church and several principals, however due to a complete lack of facts it was thrown out of court six times, with a judge calling it “incomprehensible.”

Denied her $1 billion litigation lottery ticket, she then became a “deprogrammer” which is the equivalent of kidnapping, coercion and denial of human rights.

The other salient fact that surfaced about Hana Whitfield, through court documents and sworn testimony is her involvement in a 1964 conspiracy to murder her father while living in her native South Africa. She emigrated shortly afterward.

A responsible documentarian would reveal Hana Whitfield’s lingering guilt over her involvement in plotting her father’s murder. But of course, this type of “source” is right up Ortega’s ally.

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