Tony Ortega’s Unreliable Sources: Jeff Augustine

In keeping with Ortega’s template of unreliable sources, Karen de la Carriere’s common-law husband, Jeff Augustine is a man with massive delusions of grandeur, or simply stated a wacko wrapped in tin foil.

He presents himself as a former corporate hot-shot when in truth he was a light bulb salesman.

In his book entitled, What Caused the Big Bang, Augustine aggressively promotes a crackpot theory he calls “Disunification Cosmology.” The one-time electrician Ortega uses to pontificate in his hate blog usually is waxing on about the bizarre theory he says came to him, and we quote:

“One day on a drive into the mountains, Augustine was hit with a bolt out of the blue. He had a staggering insight about the event that caused the Big Bang and its implications for human Consciousness. Augustine had what he describes as a “massive download from Infinity” wherein he saw everything, It took a long time to unfold this download and put it into book form. Along the way, Augustine became a Master Mason and a Knight Templar. “

If that wasn’t wacky enough, here’s a posting on a blog he made further explaining his theory:

“This image I created is called ‘Bubble Universes’ and is meant to convey the sense that bubble universes are finite whereas the Infinity in which they stand is Infinite. Thus, all sub-infinite universes arise from Infinity and collapse back into Infinity. There is a reason why Infinity causes subinfinite universes to arise and I explain that in my book.”

And there’s more…

“The Disunification describes the actual event and force that ‘disunified’ the Primal Matter from Infinity and then evolved it into all of the forms, processes, and beings in our Universe. The Primal Matter and its conversion into everyone and everything in our entire Universe are the key subjects of this book. We are very interested in the Primal Matter particularly as it pertains to Consciousness and your own Soul. “

The credibility of Augustine and de la Carriere was fully eviscerated by Los Angeles Superior court Judge Michael Johnson in a civil ruling. De la Carriere had sued her accountant claiming that a 2003 Promissory Note and Trust Deed that the accountant held on her house was a forgery and demanded clear title to her house.  The accountant filed a cross complaint again de la Carriere.

Judge Johnson not only ruled in favor of the accountant, he stated he didn’t believe Augustine or de la Carriere. He repeatedly found that de la Carriere’s claim that the 2003 document was a forgery was completely false. Not only that, he also found she had gone to the trouble of having the document notarized that she was now claiming was a fake. The Judge stated:

“Carriere’s evidence… is not credible and has been rejected,” “The testimony by Carriere and her husband Jeffrey Augustine that Carriere first learned of the instrument in 2012 is not credible” and “Carriere[‘s] … testimony is not credible.”

Judge Johnson’s ruling is testament to the Augustine and de la Carriere’s lack of credibility. But Tony Ortega doesn’t care that a court discredited his best sources because he’s only interested in spreading more hate.

Both Augustine and de la Carriere employ the services of Gary Hoffman a Los Angeles based private investigator, who also services Tony Ortega, courtesy of de la Carriere. Hoffman runs license plates and whatever de la Carriere and Augustine require him to do – including dog walking. Hoffman and de la Carriere had a romantic affair before de la Carriere broke up Augustine’s marriage of 20 years.

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