Tony Ortega’s Unreliable Sources: Jeff Jacobsen

Free governments and human rights organizations world-over have decried China’s efforts to destroy the religious movement Falun Gong through imprisonment and torture. Yet Jeff Jacobsen promotes and recommends such cruelty as a “solution” to religions he disagrees with.

Jacobsen’s posting to a hate group reads as follows:

“htpp:// A33055-2001Aug4.html is an article on how China is trying to eradicate Falun Gong by torture and brainwashing. At least China tries to force wayward citizens back into the fold.”

These “wayward citizens” that Jacobsen refers to, tens of millions according to the article, are described quite differently by the Washington Post:

“Two years ago, the Chinese government outlawed Falun Gong, a nonviolent movement that mixes Buddhist beliefs with slow-motion martial-art-type exercises, and denounced the group as an evil cult and a threat to society. But the underlying reason for the crackdown is the leadership’s view that Falun Gong is an independent organization that threatens the Communist Party’s monopoly on power….”

The methods of force that Jacobsen recommends are as follows:

“In recent interviews, the sources and practitioners described for the first time in detail the methodical efforts being used to eradicate the Falun Gong movement, efforts that the Chinese call “reeducation.” They told of believers being beaten, shocked with electric truncheons and forced to undergo unbearable physical pressure, such as squatting on the floor for days at a time. Many adherents are also sent to intensive classes where the teachings of Falun Gong leader Li Hongzhi are picked apart by former believers, sometimes friends who have already been tortured into submission.

“ ‘I am a broken man,’ said James Ouyang, 35, an electrical engineer who was forced by labor camp guards to stand facing a wall for nine days and then sent to a brainwashing class for 20 more. ‘I have rejected Falun Gong. . . . Now, whenever I see a policeman and those electric truncheons, I feel sick, ready to throw up.’ ”

That Jacobsen would advocate the use of inhuman methods to oppress religious people comes as no surprise, considering his history. After leaving the Pentecostal Church, Jeff Jacobsen became the Arizona contact for the old Cult Awareness Network.

Jacobsen presents himself as an “expert” on religion; his expertise, however, manifests itself in attacks on religions.

Jacobsen regularly associates with convicted criminals. Among his close friends are Rick Ross, a failed jewel thief and kidnapper, and Steven Fishman, who tried to blame his financial crimes on a minority religion but failed and was convicted. 

Jacobsen was working for his father at the time Jacobsen Sr. was convicted of tax evasion in connection with the family business. Jacobsen was also formerly employed by a psychiatric hospital where patients were forcibly restrained and drugged.

For many years Jacobsen waged a hate campaign against Scientology which Jacobsen justifies by claiming it is conducted using the methods of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi). Jacobsen hate cloaks himself in the rhetoric of non-violence while instigating violence against Scientology parishioners and ministers, apparently in an effort to bait them into some form of retaliation.

Jacobsen’s use of the term “Gandhi Tech,” to describe his methods is hypocritical in the extreme. There is nothing peaceful about Jacobsen’s intent or the methods used by the hate-mongers who follow him. 

Scientology is not the only target of Jeff Jacobsen and his group of extremists. Through an internet newsgroup and individual websites they malign and incite hatred against people of many different religions. Some of these extremists promote the eradication of all religion and the genocide of all religious people. Their violent rhetoric has directly influenced people who have read their websites to commit acts of violence. Scientology ministers and parishioners have had their lives threatened, Church buildings in the U.S. and Europe have been desecrated, and bombs have been left on Church doorsteps.

These anti-religious extremists are invoking the name of Mahatma Gandhi in an attempt to position themselves as pacifists, when, in truth, they are engaged in a crusade of violence. It is a lie that perverts for their own purposes the name of a great man.

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