Tony Ortega’s Unreliable Sources: Katherine McBride aka Mary McConnell

Katherine Mary McBride, from Hancock MD, is a woman of multiple online personalities. However, her favorite fake name is Mary McConnell. She is also one of Tony Ortega’s unreliable sources.

McBride’s violent and aggressive behavior forced her son’s school principal to ban her from entering the campus without providing prior notification.

In a letter to Katherine McBride the school principal wrote:

Dear Ms. McBride;
As principal of Hancock Middle Senior High School, I am responsible for the health and safety of the students, faculty, and staff of the school. In that regard, it is imperative that a safe and orderly learning environment be provided at this school both during the school day and at all school events. Your behavior in the afternoon of February 19, 2010, in the assistant principal’s office was disruptive and will not be tolerated. As adults we are expected to model behaviors that will teach our children about civility and maturity. Your behaviors of being argumentative, refusing to comply with school authorities, and directing profanity towards school officials were disruptive to the educational functions of this school and became seriously danger to the safety of others including our students.
In accordance with the authority granted to me as principal of Hancock Middle Senior High School … you are hereby advised that your access to the buildings and grounds of Hancock Middle Senior High School is denied. Therefore, you are not permitted in our school building or on school property at any time [emphasis added]. Any case of your being on our school grounds without my direct written permission will be considered a lawful violation of this trespass notice and you will be subject to immediate arrest by law enforcement officers. If you believe that you must personally visit Hancock Middle Senior High School, its building or grounds, for any reason, you are directed to contact me personally by telephone … to receive my written permission to do so.

Katherine McBride has been described as a woman who is very angry, unstable and, at times, irrational and not thinking straight. That would explain why she went postal against the school personnel.

Portion of the police report reads as follows:

On February 19, 2010 at approximately 1620 hours I was dispatched to the Hancock Senior/Middle School, 289 W. Main Street, Hancock, Washington County, Maryland for a disturbance. When I arrived I contacted Assistant Principal Larry Smith who advised me that the person who was causing the disturbance had just left. According to Smith and Principal Eric Michael, a student by the name of Kevin Santos was being disciplined and they were conducting a meeting with Santos’ mother Katherine McBride. McBride became disruptive and verbally abusive to them during the conference and in the parking lot of the school. McBride was requested to calm down several times by Michael but McBride continued to use profane language while in the school and in the parking lot of the school. McBride used several statements that included; “You’re fucked”, “This is fucked up”, “fuck you”. This conduct was within close distance of students that were attending a Middle School dance and people that were arriving for a school basketball game. Also teachers who were in the parking lot stopped to witness the disruptive conduct of McBride.”

Katherine McBride claims to be “unable” to work and collects state welfare. She appears to be perfectly capable, however, of spending endless hours on her computer posting hate messages against people of good will.

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