Tony Ortega’s Unreliable Sources: Mark Bunker

Tony Ortega has a soft spot for Mark Bunker because he is yet another wannabe “reporter” who solicits donations and can’t keep a job.

Bunker became notorious for soliciting “donations” for a documentary that he had been working on for well over a decade. As of 2014 he manipulated people for years convincing them that he was so close to finish his documentary and they had to donate just a bit more. Bunker accumulated approximately $100,000 and still counting. He also solicited donations to pay for his medical bills and rent when he was about to be evicted.

Bunker failed to explain to the Bankruptcy Court what he did with the money because according to the documents filed with the court Bunker claims $53,000 in unpaid debts accumulating since 2014/2015. His declaration also shows unpaid medical bills.

If Bunker never produced the “documentary” and never paid the medical bills where did the money go?

Will Tony Ortega step forward and investigate a possible fraud from one of his sources?

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