Tony Ortega’s Unreliable Sources: Roxanne Seibert

Roxanne Seibert from Highspire, PA, is another of Ortega’s sources. Seibert hides her true identities behind two pseudonyms AnonLover and Heidi Macavoy.

Roxanne Seibert claims to be a devout Catholic with connections to the Vatican. Here is what she had to say about her said connections:

My connections are all my in-laws and mostly here in the USA except for one uncle that is Assistant to a Cardinal in Rome in their PR dept. My biggest ally is an aunt who’s head of the Catholic National Women’s Council.

2 aunt’s, 1 is the head of the National Women’s Council and the other used to be the Rectory Housekeeper & Secretary for a priest that’s now a bishop in the state of New Mexico. That bishop is supposedly 5 steps away from being a Cardinal (meaning if 5 cardinal retire or pass away before he retires, he may end up in Rome) and considers our family his family since he was orphan raised in a Catholic mission in Mexico and sent to the USA as a teenager to begin his studies for priesthood. When he first got his collar and stationed to his first post, he essentially became my aunt’s adopted son. 5 uncles/cousins that are priests. 1 missionary, 1 Dean of Religious Studies at a big seminary, the Cardinal’s asst in the Vatican’s press office, 1 Monsenior that’s likely to be next in line to be a bishop, and 1 ordinary priest.

We teamed … earlier this year and had an informal meeting of the minds with all the other relatives that rank high in certain circles, and that’s were my advice came from. The consensus was the same.

1.There is a policy been in effect since the anti-abortion protests in the 80’s where clinics got bombed from a radical member of a group that met on Church property and priests were arrested. Thus directly supporting activism of any kind is all but forbidden, and there’s a 30page policy on exactly how a Church can and cannot support their own pro-life activism. The limitations on pro-life support is so strict and so resented, they’ll open up a huge can of worms if they even consider any other form of activism.

2. The problem with pedophile priests has an anti-press statement in effect. No statement of any kind outside of announcements for services gets made unless it comes directly from the Vatican.

3.The new pope has a shitload of “process reviews” underway, nothing is functioning as it normally does (politic wise & organization wise) and anything of any importance that is outside of the pope’s own list of priorities is on hold. Even though my family all wished they could give me some advice for getting support for our cause, they all firmly believed that trying to pursue anything right now while these internal process reviews are underway will only result in a blanket statement from the Vatican telling all Church Official to do nothing & not get involved.

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