Tony Ortega’s “Willingly Consensual” Backpage Affair

Among Tony Ortega’s many demonstrable lies, one whopper he invented to help clear infamous sex-trafficking hub Backpage must surely rank somewhere near the top — the lie of course, was that Backpage existed solely for consenting adults to find each other.

Yeah, right!

Even someone as shortsighted and narrow-minded as Tony Ortega could not have been foolish enough to think anyone would fall for that one. Still, that didn’t stop Ortega from trying to sell it to the public.

The reality of the Backpage situation, which Ortega and his bosses understood full well, was that Backpage had become a veritable cesspool of internet sex predators hunting for vulnerable young women and children to prey upon.  Naturally, Tony Ortega and the Backpage goons were only too happy to serve them up on a platter to the highest bidder.

We have seen how this “exploitation” mindset started at the top and filtered all the way down to the pimps taking advantage of the platform Backpage provided, the very one which Tony Ortega attempted to normalize and legitimate on behalf of his sex trafficking masters, James Larkin and Michael Lacey.

Of course Tony Ortega was committed to building and maintaining the fiction that Backpage was a legal resource for singles looking for a good time, his entire paycheck was dependent on it. Lured by the promise of quick easy money, Tony Ortega soon found himself being exploited by the sleezeball pimps in the corner offices of the Backpage HQ.

The key difference between Tony Ortega and the women and children forced into a life of sexual exploitation, was that in Tony’s case it was entirely consensual. 

No wonder he pushed the lie that Backpage was a place for “consensual” illicit arrangements  so hard — he, himself, was in the middle of an ethically compromised, if “willingly consensual”, situation.

Unwilling and unable to admit he was wrong, Tony Ortega did what hypocritical punks like him always do when faced with the truth of their own misdeeds, he tried to justify his choices by justifying the whole Backpage scheme.

Little did Tony Ortega realize that by doing so he would be sacrificing countless women and children at the altar of his own greed. But, then, knowing Tony Ortega as we do we doubt he would have done anything differently even if he had known the cost.

The bottom line was, Tony Ortega was getting paid. And to an unemployed loser whose whole life has been about chasing that elusive “steady paycheck”, the destroyed lives of Backpage’s many victims made no difference to him at all.

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