Tony’s Twitter Tantrum

By now we all know that Tony Ortega, with his impotent rage and seeming endless capacity to be loudly un-self aware in the public square, rushes to capitalize on any and everything he thinks he can fool people into believing supports his narrow-minded world-view.

So it is not wholly unexpected that Twitter’s lone crackpot took to Twitter recently to air his unfocused, unhinged rage against Jehovah Witnesses, Scientologists and the Nation of Islam.

Maybe it’s the new policy instituted by Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, to combat hate speech as part of the platform’s increasing effort to fight against inappropriate content and behavior that has him so rattled.

Last fall, Twitter issued a statement which Tony Ortega could be forgiven for imagining was directly aimed at him. As world’s biggest micro-blogging website announced in a press conference at the end of last year: We’ve updated our rules around abuse and hateful conduct as well as violence and physical harm. These changes will be enforced starting December.

Ortega’s reaction to this announcement appears to be two-fold. Firstly, it’s clear that (until very recently) he took Twitter’s re-commitment to enforcing its own community standards to be nothing but an empty threat. Time and again since the announcement he has arrogantly assumed his home-cooked brand of religious intolerance was somehow exempt from Twitter’s Terms of Service, as he brazenly continued to slander religious minorities with every post.

But recently, in light of recent takedowns of some of Tony Ortega’s hateful videos, he finds himself confronted with a harsh new reality — Twitter, and its global audiences, are waking up to his attempts game the system and collectively they are saying no.  As a result we are seeing him lashing out to his ever dwindling cadre of Twitter followers in a series of very public meltdowns.

We eagerly await Twitter’s response to Tony Ortega’s next round of bigoted tantrums. Can a permanent ban be far away? Fear not, when it happens we will be here to cover it every step of the way.

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