Too Much Garbage To Choose From

In light of Tony Ortega’s surprise ‘book’ announcement on Halloween which (shocker!) turns out to be nothing more than a bald-faced money grab, recycling old, mostly un-read, blog posts from his underground hate-bunker, a number of morbidly curious readers have been asking us just which blog posts Tony Ortega chose to include in his ridiculously self-published volume. Given how few of his posts these days are actually written by the notoriously lazy ringleader himself, we must admit it’s an intriguing question.

For instance, does it include his post of April this year blowing the lid off the hot-button story of how Scientology renovated a derelict building giving new life to what was once a local eyesore? Does it include his numerous attempts at providing cover for his long-time pal and co-conspirator Paul Haggis over his multiple rape allegations? His breathless support for his former human trafficking bosses over at Backpage? Or maybe it contains one of the many times he cites salacious ‘rumor as fact’ stories from The National Enquirer, a rag with even less credibility than Tony’s own ‘phony user supported’ Twitter account?

Perhaps he’s chosen to focus on highlighting his infamous habit of sucking up to people in power. Having gotten a little taste of the limelight following his self-important cameo in Alex Gibney’s hit-piece film or the handful of times he visited the craft services tables of Leah Remini’s failing series. Ortega is so desperate for attention from anyone who might be swayed into forking a few dollars his way, such a blatant play really wouldn’t surprise anyone. Lest we forget Tony Ortega is, after all, still unemployed and for all intents and purposes, unemployable.

It’s really anyone’s guess at this point as practically nobody has purchased, let alone actually finished, Tony’s slapdash blog-as-book. One thing is certain however, if Tony Ortega has put his journalistic name to the scheme you know it’s going to be no better than poorly fabricated fiction beneath a heavy veneer of misdirected animosity. 

What Ortega says about Scientology says more of Ortega than Scientology.

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