Trial By Blog

Has anyone noticed how Tony Ortega is the lickspittle lackey in the high ranks of the anti-religion community?

Ortega hushes up the real facts in an artificial fog and no holds are barred when it comes to spread lies.

Being Ortega a blogger for hire he would oblige by publishing anything his sponsors furnish him. And what does Ortega and his sponsors have in common? They are masters at blaming others for their misdeeds and misfortunes. Self-pity is one of the less endearing characteristics Ortega and his sponsors have.

Ortega and his minions are nothing less than inquisitors bent on convicting and stigmatizing anyone who practice their chosen religion, protected by the First Amendment.

Even Ortega’s own wife, Arielle Silverstein, is obsessed with bashing religions. Instead of encouraging her husband to find and keep an honest job to earn his keeps, Silverstein finances with her United Nations’ salary her husband’s religion-bashing propaganda. However, the Ortegas are intentionally turning a blind eye about the Backpage victims and are doing nothing to help such victims.

Is Tony Ortega still being paid by his former Backpage bosses to keep his mouth shut? Or is he conveniently staying quiet to avoid attracting the FBI’s attention to himself? After all Ortega was Backpage’s most vocal propagandist.

There is only one law in Tony Ortega’s mind and that’s trial by blog. In other words, Ortega condemns who he pleases because he thinks he is judge, jury and executioner. All of the above without doing any research and fact checking because Ortega takes everything at face value.

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