Twitter Mocks Tony Ortega’s Dirty Past

Change is in the air. We reported earlier this week about Tony Ortega’s remarkably bad year. After being marked as something of a pariah by actual journalists, and refused publication in every self-respecting news organization in the country, Tony Ortega has retreated to the solitary confines of his bunker in a move vaguely reminiscent of Hitler’s last days.

Now even his last perceived bastion, the micro-blogging platform Twitter, is turning against him. In the wake of the explosive news that justice is finally on the horizon for the prostitution peddlers at Backpage, Tony Ortega’s past is finally coming back to haunt him. And Twitter users are having a field day at Ortega’s expense.

Consider this recent tweet from user @alexflevy, mocking Ortega’s support of the infamous Backpage crime family:

 For those of you keeping score at home, yes those all things Tony Ortega has gone on record as saying. He has never apologized nor he has never retracted any of his support for his former employers. Even now that the walls are closing in on all those who took part in the human trafficking of underage children, Tony Ortega refuses to acknowledge (let alone hint at having the slightest contrition for) the role he played in helping to prop up this truly despicable organization.

Ortega wants so badly to be remembered as the self-satisfied loudmouth who slings mud at others it must be tearing him up inside to see that Twitter, the last refuge of mudslinging hate-mongers, is at last turning against him.

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