UN-Employed Arielle Silverstein Stereotypes Arab Men as Wife Beaters

There really seems to be no topic of conversation Arielle Silverstein won’t butt her way into, regardless of whether or not she has anything of substance to add. Never mind that she has almost zero understanding of the context or background of whatever hot-button argument she has chosen to chime in on that day, just like her husband, inveterate hack Tony Ortega, total ignorance is no deterrent to offering a hasty, self-serving hot-take literally no one was asking for.

Consider that time Silverstein brazenly waded into the fraught subject of life in the Muslim world. Self-proclaimed atheist extraordinaire, Arielle Silverstein (attorney for the international peace organization the United Nations) came rushing into a conversation about family life in the Middle East clearly spoiling for a fight and looking to stir up racial and religious tensions.

Again, using her ‘Anonymous’ codename ‘Bozuri, Silverstein posted the following from her United Nations’ computer:

Arab men hold very different view as to what a woman’s role in the family is, and what her duties towards her husband are. They also think that the husband is always right and that they are allowed to beat up the woman. No thanks. Will never happen. And guess what? I’m making 100,000 thousand without having to endure a neanderthal husband. You know why? Because Jewish Israelis encourage [not just allow] their women to study. – Arielle Silverstein aka Bozuri

So Silverstein feels like she can speak authoritatively about what all Muslims think and feel does she? So assured is she of her narrow minded stereotype opinion that she feels she is entitled to disparage all Arab husbands by stating they are wife beaters. The arrogance on display here is almost mind numbing.

Of course Arielle wants you to understand her situation is far superior and informs her audience that she makes a hundred thousand dollars a year before adding – apropos of nothing – that she is so much better because she not married to a Neanderthal. Being married to Tony Ortega we can imagine the charge of being hitched to a freeloading caveman has been leveled at her on more than one occasion.

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