Unconscionable Pimps: Tony Ortega and The Backpage

In our last piece we introduced you to Tony Ortega’s boss Carl Ferrer, the longtime CEO of the infamous Backpage under-age sex ring operation.

We’ve explained how helping sex traffickers and prostitutes avoid detection by law enforcement through their phony “posting rules” and “content requirements.” What is now being revealed in the various court cases in multiple dates underway currently is that the Backpage began “moderating” sex ads, which is the term they used for reviewing and editing sex ads on www.backpage.com.

Just like their bogus “posting rules” and “content requirements,” the Backpage, with the help of Tony Ortega, loudly and publicly proclaimed that their “moderation” practices were intended to prevent sex trafficking on its site

However, Ortega and the Backpage knew full well that their “moderators” were actually reviewing sex ads, then sanitizing them with a clear intent to make it less obvious that the ads were designed for selling sex.

These so called “moderators” sanitized the sex ads by manually removing or editing language that directly or indirectly indicated that the ad was for sex. The “moderators” also removed images that indicated the ad was for sex. After sexually suggestive text and images were removed, these same “moderators” would post the remainder of the ad. Through this thinly veiled practice of “moderation”, the folks at Backpage were able to reap tens of millions of dollars in profits from advertisements that they absolutely understood were generated from illegal sex ads and sex trafficking.

There is no excuse for this beyond naked greed and diabolical indifference to the countless children who were forced into lives of prostitution and human slavery. That Ferrer and Ortega actively, at times almost gleefully, participated in such a vile scheme is unconscionable.

But then when have we seen any indication that Ortega or his ex-employers had anything like a sense of social responsibility, let alone a moral compass?

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