Understanding Tony Ortega

Any attempt to understand Tony Ortega’s strange obsession with defending the truly indefensible sex-for-cash prostitution ring prosecutors for the federal government have hauled them in to court to answer for, must begin with a survey of Ortega’s own quotes on the matter. On June 29, 2011, Ortega wrote:

Backpage.com has since inherited some of the adult business that left Craigslist…We’ve spent millions of dollars putting in place strict policies and monitoring services to make sure that it is only adults finding each other through Backpage.com‘s adult pages”

His flimsy defense appears to be that because the organization he worked for spent “millions of dollars” building a platform to take advantage of underage girls and vulnerable, at-risk women somehow legitimates all the harm their scheme caused across the country.

Prize-winning New York Times columnist, Nicholas Kristof said that he was dismayed by just how misleading Tony Ortega’s Village Voice piece had been. Kristof would go on to say that having seen the Ortega-run Village Voice go after other Backpage.com critics like CNN’s Amber Lyon and celebrity activist Ashton Kutcher, he was not surprised.

Is it any surprise we see this same behavior in Tony Ortega these days. He loves to cite his self-righteous anger as what motivates him in his obsessive crusade against Scientology. Again, this is another in the litany of Tony Ortega’s flimsy excuses.

Running from the same playbook he used when attacking critics who initially condemned the illegal actions of Backpage, Tony Ortega opts to play the attack dog. Lashing out with as much venom and bile as his narrow mind can muster.

It’s a sickening replay we see playing out in Tony Ortega’s motivation. And this time in may come back to haunt him. Calls for Ortega to be part of government’s suit against Backpage are nothing new. 


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