Unemployed Blogger Self-imposed Lock-down

According to a recent Twitter post on his account, Tony Ortega is under voluntary lock-down. Tony himself tweeted out the news:

“Staying home, looking forward to the all-clear.”

The unexpected revelation is that Tony Ortega ever had any reason to leave the house even before his self-imposed lock-down.

Like many folks we here just naturally assumed Tony Ortega lived in his wife’s basement mooching off the money she makes as the sole breadwinner of the family. Frequent readers will remember Tony Ortega hasn’t held a steady job in almost half a decade and has even been sponging off his wife’s parents, who themselves have something of a suspicious history.

The fact remains, however, that Tony Ortega is sequestering himself to his underground lair for the foreseeable future. Though, surely it can only be a matter of time until the sheer boredom of cabin-fever pushes him to take out his inner self-hatred on others via social media.

But as strange as it sounds Tony Ortega is about to have more idle time on his hands, which is truly saying something for a guy who has been a layabout freeloader for going on five years of chronic unemployment.

What can we expect from Tony’s fevered Twitter account tirades in the weeks and months ahead is anyone’s guess, but if the past is anything to go by we’re likely to see more of his unfiltered bias spewing forth.

The toxic sewage that flows through Tony Ortega’s narrow, bigoted Twitter feed really never changes all that much. After all, this ‘self-described expert’ on all things Scientology never really had much to say on the subject beyond his usual ad hominem attacks.

Maybe with all this free time on hands Tony Ortega might sit back and take a break from all the hate he’s spreading and start working on the black-hole of intolerance inside him that pushes him to act this way.

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