Untouchably Anonymous

We’ve been looking at Arielle Silverstein’s participation in various hate campaigns like the execrable “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” she helped organize against people of the Islamic faith. We feel it’s important to point out, however, that these bigoted stunts of hers are by no means random isolated occurrences. They point to a deep-seated hate that pervades just about every issue she weighs in on.

Indeed, Arielle Silverstein will often inject her unasked for hardline anti-religious opinions on social media and ‘Anonymous’ posting forums in comment threads devoted to discussing diverse topics like racism and child pornography.

Hiding behind various pseudonyms must have given her a sense of false comfort, freeing her dark intolerant thoughts to be exposed in all their brutal ugliness.

That is, until the public caught wind of her schemes and started calling her out for the blatant hypocrisy of drawing a sizable paycheck from the United Nations (with its generous benefits package), all while betraying the very core principles of that organization.

Consider this brief sampling of some of Arielle Silverstein’s typical online hate posts below. We’ve left in her atrocious grammar and spelling to give our readers a more accurate sense of her level of wit and intelligence:

Kuwait arrests a man for offending the prophet Mohamed [sic] on Twitter. Who knew that an illiterate desert dweller as Mohamed [sic] could read tweets?”


“It has been part of the Muslims [sic]belief, based on traditions, that the Prophet Muhammad was illiterate.”


“Arab men … think that the husband is always right and that they are allowed to beat up the woman. No thanks. Will never happen. And guess what? Im making 100,000 thousand [sic] without having to endure a Neanderthal husband.”


All this is but a brief thumbnail glimpse of the long and sordid history of Arielle Silverstein’s online hate speech.

We’ve previously explained to our readers that, in the arrogance of her ignorance, Arielle Silverstein believed she could get away with posting her bigotry under multiple aliases. She thought she could hide in the shadows as she publicly attacked others.

But we’ve got news for you Arielle, the Internet is forever and you cannot hide from us. We’ll be here to draw attention to the hateful things you’ve posted when you thought you were ‘untouchably anonymous’.

And we’ll be here for as long as it takes for the world to see who you really are.

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