Us-vs.-them thinking. It really is what drives atheists like Tony Ortega, Jeffery Augustine and their band of online trolls.

When critics began reviewing Tony Ortega’s attempt at book-writing, they damned it for its tedious repetition of recycled hearsay and nauseating ‘woe is me’ self-victimizing. The following typical review on Amazon gives some idea of the sort of criticism general readers experienced:

“I found this book very frustrating to read. I would not recommend this book to friends. I typically enjoy lots of detail regarding a story, but found too much detail to the point of being tedious…The story was disjointed. I felt frustrated with the character and wondered if the author painted her as too much of a victim that was unable to protect herself.”

Anyone with even a passing familiarity with Ortega’s zero tolerance policy for honest questioning of any sort might have guessed that attempts to engage (or worse, contradict!) the master authority on the subject of his pet obsession would be met with swift and furious trolling.

In response, Ortega lashed out on his blog trying to characterize anyone with a harsh word for his unhinged writing as being pawns in a Scientology conspiracy to undermine him.

Ortega’s own comments, to say nothing of those of his battalion of malicious followers, worked feverishly to spread pro-Ortega propaganda onto every forum from unlisted Facebook anti-Scientology clubs, to private Instagram accounts, to Pinterest, to you name it.

With the understandably underwhelming press coverage and waves of negative reviews from readers flooding in Ortega and Augustine had their work cut out for them managing the spin over at Ortega’s blog. But in the end their response boiled down to this: we are right and they are wrong, and if you don’t agree you are our enemy.

Indeed, for all of the ink they spill, this is the best argument that they could come up with. And it is nothing more than the ‘bunker mentality’ of us vs them.

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