Visa and Mastercard Announce Bold New Stand Against Ortega-empowered Sex Traffickers

Terrific news announced Friday, as Mastercard and Visa have vowed to join the fight against those using Tony Ortega’s rehashed pro-sex trafficking rhetoric.

The two largest credit card companies in America have made it abundantly clear that the old arguments Tony Ortega used to defend his child sex-trafficking pals over at Backpage are no longer fooling anyone and any hopes the pro-sex trafficking crowd had of gaining a foothold in the exploitative war against young women and girls is dead-on-arrival.

The junior senator from Missouri, and constitutional lawyer Josh Hawley tweeted out on Friday: 

.@Mastercard has just informed me that they are terminating the use of their cards on Pornhub. @Visa and every other credit card company should immediately do the same.

Following this tweet, Visa immediately followed suit. 

Effective immediately, the two companies will no longer let customers use their cards on the adult video site Pornhub. This new policy was prompted by mounting political pressure and blogs like this one, making it the latest government victory against those who have aligned themselves with Tony Ortega and his pimp pals.

The news has many of us who have long opposed Tony Ortega’s obscene view on the subject celebrating a much needed victory against the sleaze merchants Ortega championed for years.

Regular readers of this blog might recall how in 2015 Cook County, Illinois, Sheriff Tom Dart used a similar strategy by urging Visa and Mastercard to stop doing business with the grand-daddy of all online back alley sex portals, Backpage, 

Now that Backpage is no more, the newest Internet site for trafficked women and underage girls, Pornhub, is set to receive a similar treatment.

We at the blog are here to keep our readers informed about any and all developments on this story. Indeed, action taken by readers like you helped tipped the scales against Tony Ortega and his Backpage cronies. 

With your help we stand poised to strike yet another crippling blow against the dangerous and abusive world of online sex trafficking Tony Ortega would see thrive. 

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