Wanted: Tony Ortega, Social Media Scofflaw

Last year Twitter made an announcement that it would redouble its efforts to combat hate-speech in the wake of growing public concern about the platform’s lack of regulation and oversight.

As a part of this site wide policy change, Twitter took to the press to announce that it would prohibit hate speech which targets religious groups by using dehumanizing language. It is a ban Twitter has since said it may consider extending.

As of this writing, Twitter forbids likening entire religious groups to subhumans or vermin, even in cases which do not target specific individuals.

Facebook has a similar policy banning dehumanizing speech, statements of inferiority” and attacks against people or groups who share protected characteristics such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, caste or religious affiliation.

YouTubes policy also bans material that promotes violence or hatred” against individuals or groups based on categories such as age, religion, and immigration status among others.

And yet, these are the very same rules of conduct Tony Ortega violates so frequently it’s become nearly impossible to keep up with.

Indeed, Tony Ortega has long acted as if the rules don’t apply to him. Certainly not the rules of ethical, impartial, ‘fact-based’ reporting taught in any reputable journalism school in the nation.

Certainly not the social mores of civilized, well-adjusted citizens who would see his extramarital affairs, his harassment of female journalists like Amber Lyon, his callous attempts to smear female victims of sexual exploitation as nothing more than ‘agenda-driven’ hysterics.

Of course, Tony Ortega thinks he is exempt from these standards of behavior.

Just as he thinks he is exempt from from social media’s zero tolerance policy on bigotry, dehumanizing hate-speech, and religious intolerance. Face it, without the hate, intolerance, and the bigotry, what is left of Tony Ortega’s brand?

The answer to that question should be obvious: nothing.

Which is why, if Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are serious about de-platforming an unrepentant rule-breaking offenders, Tony Ortega should be number one their “most wanted” list.

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