Was Tony Ortega a Clueless Tool to Undermine Democracy?

The media has been ablaze reporting on foreign-based propaganda factories set up to spread damaging lies in order to create further tension among Americans on the internet.

Statistics show that more than 677,000 Twitter users liked, retweeted, or followed accounts linked to the Russian-linked Internet Research Agency (IRA) in 2016, according to recently published Twitter reports, updating the findings they presented to Congress. In their new analysis, the social-media giant found that 3,814 IRA accounts posted “175,993 Tweets, approximately 8.4% of which were election-related.”

Tellingly, however, the remaining 91.6% were aimed at sowing discord on Twitter by promoting and retweeting trolls and agitators who would stir up hate and social unrest. And that’s the point in the report that caught our attention.

Enter Tony Ortega.

By no one’s metric could Tony Ortega be considered a serious voice on Twitter but that’s what makes news of the widespread approach taken by Internet Research Agency so insidious. Precisely because they used no-name entities (so-called ‘useful idiots’) to further their aim of stoking anger and eroding tolerance across the Internet they were able to fly under the radar in their attempt to undermine the fragile stability of cultural and religious minorities in the United States.

Earlier this year we broke the story detailing Tony Ortega’s connection to fake users. Twitter’s first response to what many industry professionals are calling a large scale ‘cyber attack’, was to implement a ban on fake users. Suspiciously, this lead to the precipitous drop in Tony’s users we reported at the time.

There is now every reason to believe that these banned accounts provide further evidence that foreign-linked social media accounts saw religious tensions as something to be exploited in order to achieve the broader goal of dividing Americans and creating chaos in U.S.

Tony Ortega would be no one’s first choice as an effective tool in destroying American democracy but given the recent data exposing Ortega’s army of fake users it is looking increasingly probable that – even if cluelessly – Ortega may have played some small role in the plan.

We noted that even on Christmas day atheists, such as Tony Ortega and Arielle Silverstein, would put their hatred and obsession aside and leave the Scientologists alone, but they didn’t.

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