Was Tony Ortega an Integral Part of the Backpage Child Sex Trafficking Conspiracy?

Recently we left off with an open question, echoing what many readers of this blog have been asking us here lately: “Why isn’t Tony Ortega in jail yet?” Especially seeing as Tony Ortega, speaking as the public-facing element of Backpage, went on at length describing the so-called “careful process” used Backpage in its attempt to sanitize the ads.

And yet, it this exact process as laid out by Tony Ortega in his 2011 article seems to be the exact evidence which was used to charge and convict Tony’s boss at Village Voice Media, Carl Ferrer,

Careful readers will note this chilling confession the Washington Post article linked above. It reads:

“In a remarkable three-paragraph admission in his federal plea agreement, Ferrer wrote that “I conspired with other Backpage principals … to find ways to knowingly facilitate the state-law prostitution crimes being committed by Backpage’s customers.”

“Ferrer also acknowledged creating a “moderation” process to remove terms and pictures indicative of prostitution. “Such editing did not,” Ferrer wrote, “of course, change the essential nature of the illegal service being offered in the ad — it was merely intended to create a veneer of deniability for Backpage.” He said that these “editing practices were only one component of an overall, companywide culture and policy of concealing and refusing to officially acknowledge the true nature of the services being offered in Backpage’s ‘escort’ and ‘adult’ ads.”

When you read Tony Ortega’s Village Voice article and compare it the quote above, ask yourself: Is Tony Ortega endorsing and condoning sex trafficking? What’s more, isn’t he also defending and justifying it? And why does Tony Ortega seem so determined to attack and discredit other journalists who are seeking to expose the truth

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