What Kind of Man Celebrates Death?: Tony Ortega. That’s Who!

One surefire way to tell the measure of a man is to examine at what he loves the most, what brings him the greatest joy in life.

If Tony Ortega’s blog is any insight into what he truly enjoys, there seems to be a sort of giddy satisfaction whenever a Scientologist dies.

The moment any news of a death breaks, Tony Ortega rushes to his keyboard, like a vulture, to crank out a breathlessly ecstatic post on the subject. This is where Tony Ortega’s cruelty against Scientologists really shines brightest.

Case in point: Ortega recently published an article on his blog about a tragic death. His post on the subject was a sickening combination of celebratory schadenfreude and his signature crass smugness.

Ortega and his ilk clearly have no idea what the hell is going on when someone dies.

To hear them tell it though, it would appear Ortega and company are trying to make it seem there’s an epidemic – quite rich coming from Ortega who has gone on the record to deny that a sex trafficking epidemic exists and that the allegations of criminal activity against Backpage are part of “mass hysteria” on the same level as the Satanic Panic of the 1980s. To say nothing of Ortega’s attempt to frame the rape allegations against Paul Haggis we’ve been discussing this week, as false and part of a Scientology orchestrated conspiracy.

It’s total, unvarnished hypocrisy.

Tony Ortega, Leah Remini, Mike Rinder et al don’t know anything about the person that died, yet immediately they jump to the conclusion that the departed had issues. This is totally inappropriate and irrational and they have not a single shred of fact to back such speculations.

As one angry critic of Tony Ortega keenly observed in a response Tony Ortega would be too cowardly to post in his comments section:

You’ll never hear about any of this from the likes of Ortega and friends because they really don’t give a shit unless there’s something sensationalistic and extreme they can use to try to profit from, like suicides.”

What kind of “journalist” goes around celebrating the deaths of rank-and-file Scientologists, making light of tragedy in order to earn a few more clicks with sensation-seeking headlines Ortega, Rinder and Remini really have no class, no ethics and certainly not a shred of human decency or empathy.

No holds are barred when it comes to spread lies for these vultures.


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