What Losers Do Best

Tony Ortega and Karen De La Carriere

With the death of the mysterious sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein so much in the news this past week, one seemingly minor question continues to confound news sources. Who was financing Epstein’s lifestyle? With no job to speak of, no sources of income, no vast inheritance from a long-forgotten aunt, many in the media are asking, “where did the money come from?”

We talk about sex traffickers here on the blog quite a bit, and we couldn’t help noticing some interesting parallels between the notoriously reclusive Epstein and Tony Ortega.

Both were insiders to the insidious world of sex trafficking. Both have refused to share whatever valuable information they might posse with authorities. And both are world class sleaze balls.

But when it comes to the question of who is paying the bills, Tony Ortega is far less clever at hiding his tracks.

Arielle Silverstein, Ortega’s wife, pays the bills.

Karen De La Carriere – a long-retired mistress for hire – has often thrown Ortega scraps in the form of gossip and hateful rumor which he dutifully spins into the poorly-written works of fiction he calls ‘his blog posts’.

There’s something of a poetic irony in a former mistress for hire supporting a kept man like Tony Ortega,

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