What Motivates Tony Ortega’s Campaign of Hate?

We posted earlier about what really motivates supposed critics like Tony Ortega and others in his vehemently anti-religion army to do what they do. Many have often suggested that what drives them is somehow a desire to simply spread the hate they feel in themselves outward against a perceived scapegoat as some kind of proxy stand-in for their own failures and shortcomings.

While we don’t doubt there is certainly much of this prompting Tony Ortega, it’s rare to hear from the man himself on who he really is and what it is he is doing it all for.

We’ve long suggested that what is at the heart of it all for Tony Ortega is a drive to cash in on the one resource he seems to have in unlimited supply: his impotent rage and hatred for religion of all types.

Recently on Twitter, in the midst of his usual rants disparaging people of religious faith, it appears as if Ortega has offered the biggest hint yet as to his true motivation:

The cat is out of the bag. In projecting his own dark thoughts on to others, Ortega has inadvertently given away the game, revealing his real goal in all of this. Money.

For all his lofty self-justifications that he is the one true voice calling his rapidly disappearing Twitter followers to arms in support of his imagined ‘ideals’, in the end it is only ever been about the money.

Ever since being fired from his previous cash cow, the scandal-ridden Backpage, Tony Ortega has been chronically unemployable. No one with any financial sense has even the slightest inclination to hire him and that’s lead him to the only option it seems he has left. Capitalizing on his own brand of hate to make a fast and dirty buck. Ka-CHING, indeed!

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