What Ortega’s Terror Map Shows Us About Who He Is

Maya Angelou famously once said, “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.” Well, Tony Ortega has showed us who he really is time and time again. And it is high time we started paying attention to exactly who he is telling us he truly is.

Recently we posted a story about a certain comic Ortega had published in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks which killed 2,606 Americans and wounded 6,000 more. 

In response, Ortega half-heartedly attempted to excuse away the alleged ‘prank’ after scores of outraged Phoenix New Times readers voiced their outrage in the wake of its publication. 

In the interest of clarity and full transparency we are today taking a closer look just a few of the comic’s panels in which Tony advocates for a continuation of violence as he offers some ‘helpful’ tips to future terrorists who might want to attack Arizona. 

Tony Ortega’s ‘map’ highlights a number of popular tourist destinations, presumably in hopes of maximizing the number of causalities caused to innocent bystanders.

Callously, Ortega describes the town of Yuma, Arizona as being a town “hardly worth worrying about”. He advises targeting the city owing to its “large presence of military personnel”.

In another panel, Tony Ortega directs the attention of terrorists, both foreign and domestic to the town of Sedona. Ortega shows his bigoted anti-spiritual bent by pointing out that Sedona is in his words, “a New Age magnet known the world over”. Killing its residents with “anthrax spores” sent through the U.S. mail, as he gleefully recommends, would cause to the world to “congratulate us”.  

In 2001 series of pernicious anthrax would lead to an eight-year investigation by the FBI. Five Americans were killed and 17 were sickened in what became the worst biological attacks in U.S. history.

Once more calling our attention to Ortega’s hateful regard for religious people, Tony chooses as his next terror target The Vatican Observatory.

According to Ortega’s fantasized calculations, murdering the “pointy-headed Jesuits” there will be no problem if someone were to employ a “suitcase bomb” in the dome while filled with people.

Apparently killing a great number of Christians sounds like a hilarious idea to Tony who taunts the would-be victims of his proposed attack saying, “You’ll find scientific evidence of God sooner than you think…”

Atrocious and disgusting as all this was when originally published after the World Trade Tower attack, we must remember that Tony Ortega hasn’t changed in the intervening years. He is still hatefully rallying against religious people. Still joking about violence and death to those he hates. 

And through it all, Tony Ortega continues to show us who he really is.

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