What Tony Ortega didn’t tell you about Arnie Lerma Part 2

This is the second edition of “What Tony Ortega didn’t tell you about Arnie Lerma” and the night that Lerma shot his wife and died of a gunshot wound to the head.

At about 10:0pm on March 16th, Pat Dyar received a knock on his door by a distressed woman who told him, “My husband just shot me.”

Dyar, a veterinarian who lives two doors down from Arnie Lerma and Ginger Sugerman did not recognize Sugerman when she first came to their door but upon realizing that she was his neighbor and seriously injured, he let her into the house.

Pat Dyar noted that there wasn’t a lot of blood then, but it was clear the bullet went in one side of Sugerman’s face and out the other side of her jaw. According to Dyar, “there was a lot of bone and flesh missing from the exit wound.”

Dyar made a 911 call and a patrol car arrived at Dyar’s house within 10 minutes. Sugerman remained conscious and as the officers approached Dyar and Sugerman came down Dyar’s driveway toward the two officers. The two officers could see that Sugerman had a gunshot wound to her mouth and was in a state of shock but was able to tell them that she had been shot by Lerma and provide the officers with her address – 314 Holly Rd.

Emergency medical personnel who were down the street waiting for instructions were ordered to move down to the Dyar’s house. One of the officers then accompanied Sugerman and the EMS personnel to the hospital while the other called for backup before attempting to approach Lerma’s house.

After getting no response to repeated attempts to make contact with Lerma, the officer found the door was not locked and went into the house and found Lerma’s body on the bathroom floor with a gunshot wound to his head.

At around 2am Dyar received another knock on his door – this time one of the officers who informed him that Lerma had killed himself.

Dyar, told the Underground Bunker that he and his wife heard no shots which he repeated twice to emphasize the point. Dyar said, “We didn’t hear any shots,” and explained that his home is about 200ft from the Lerma’s with a duplex in between the two residences. Dyar stated that apparently Sugerman tried the people living in the duplex first, but nobody was home, so they (the Dyar’s) were the next house she could approach for help.

The Dyars knew the Lerma’s, but not well, “just to wave and say hello.” He last spoke to Lerma about a year ago when he and Ginger brought their puppy over. The dog was sick and they knew Dyar was a vet.

Dyar said that the shooting was a complete surprise. There was no previous indication that “there was trouble.”

Why did Sugerman contact the neighbors instead of calling the police, which responded within 10 minutes when they were called by Pat Dyar?

We will wait for the autopsy to draw any final conclusions as to what drove Lerma to commit this act of insanity.

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