What Tony Ortega didn’t tell you about Arnie Lerma

Report from the Sylvania Police Department dated March 15, 2018.

On the above date and lime, I responded to 314 Holly Road in reference to a domestic. When Officer Reale and myself arrived, I noticed a white male with long white hair standing in front of a truck. As we were walking up, the male stated “I had the neighbor to call”. I asked him what was going on, he stated “I took the pistol out the house because my wife got mad at me because I would not buy her a car and I took some money to invest in some gold coins and I did not want her to get her hand on the gun”. He “stated she started breaking dishes in the kitchen”. I asked him if there were any other guns in the house, he stated “yes, they are not functional and they are locked up”. We got to the apartment and Mrs. Sugerman opened the door. When she opened the door she stated “sorry officers you all had to come but Arnaldo made me so mad, I did break some dishes to blow off some steam, and I thought it was better for me to do that then breaking them on him”. I observed some dishes broken on the kitchen floor and oil on the floor. Then she stated “there is no law against me breaking my on things”. Officer Reale told her it was against the law to be destroying the property since they were married. I asked her why she was so mad? She stated “I had won some money in a settlement and I had him put the money in his bank account, but what I am mad about is he has been taking money out blowing it on gold coins and he makes bad investments”. She stated” I told him I wanted to buy a new car and he refuses to get the money out for me”. She stated he claims that Armageddon is coming and that’s why he had been trying to buy gold”. She stated” I am Bipolar”. She stated ” I am fine now since I have blown off some steam and he will sleep up stairs while I sleep down stairs like we have the past few years”. Both parties denied any physical contact tonight and I did not see any marks on them. Both parties agreed they were going to separate parts of the apartment for the night as I was writing down their information from their I. D.. Mrs. Sugerman asked me what she could do about getting her money from his account, I advised her to seek advice from an attorney or talk to the Magistrate Judge. When I left both parties were calm and I did not have to return back during the rest of my shift.

Original police report here.

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