What would Tony Ortega possibly gain by defending Paul Haggis?


It’s not often that Tony Ortega makes much of a splash these days. His influence seems limited to the few poor souls who still haunt his personal blog (people still have those?) or to whatever traffic he can muster via his Twitter feed, loaded as it is with his breathlessly sensationalized takes on the news of the day.

As covered previously, Ortega studiously avoids mentioning Paul Haggis rape charges whenever possible. Of course Ortega could never admit he was trying to spin this story not on the strength of facts but by the power of his own wild imagination and so he tried to bluff his way through with the oldest trick of a mud slinger artist “poor Paul he is the victim here.”

Recently we discovered an article published by kathyhaggis.com where Paul Haggis’ ex-wife, Deborah Rennard, is quoted giving details about Haggis cheating with more than a dozen women. The article goes on to say that Rennard wrote a letter to Deadline Hollywood in defense of her ex-husband.

There is a big contradiction with what Rennard wrote now and back then. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

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