What Would Tony Ortega Say to A Mother of a Child Backpage Had Trafficked?

As we’ve been hearing first hand about the true toll exacted upon the victims of Tony Ortega’s insidious Backpage lies, we’ve found the cost is measured in long-lingering pain and and the enduring suffering of whole families and entire communities.

Tony Ortega tried hard to sway public sentiment in favor of his sex trafficking pals at Backpage and by so doing showed the true nature of his deeply immoral character. He wanted to see Backpage continue to make money hand over fist, and he didn’t care how many lives would be ruined in the process.

As one anonymous mother wrote so poignantly of families like her’s who were so heartlessly victimized by Backpage:

“…These families have been devastated, destroyed, shaken by these events. They have endured so much pain, they carry loads of grief, pain, fear and loss.

Parents have been robbed of their children and the child they once new and some may never get the opportunity to reconnect with that child.

The victims lose control, they spiral downwards, they fall into unhealthy lifestyles and are forgotten. I can tell you as a parent, it’s heartbreaking to watch as you see the light in their eyes dime out, and you watch as their empty shells move through life, using drugs to numb and forget.

 But Backpage stole much more than innocence from the many children it forced into a life of sexual exploitation at the hands of their pimp clientele. In many cases Backpage stole their future too.

As the same mother wrote:

“It is a daily chase to avoid feeling and there is no happiness to be found, they lose the sense of belonging. They feel alone, shamed, sad and till this day, six years later, when my daughter comes home to visit, I still hear her scream out with night terrors. I see her discomfort in her very own skin.

Our family has been torn — a once tight-knit family is now divided with anger, embarrassment, resentment, but mostly fear, fear that any day maybe the day we get that call that our once bouncy, happy, beautiful smiley little girl has died.”

One wonders what someone as callous and unconcerned with the lives of others like Tony Ortega would say to a mother like this.

Would he try and explain to her his now infamous go-to justification, ‘it’s our First Amendment Right to sell your daughter. We’re extremists that way. Always have been’, as he gives her his oily, used car salesman smile?

Good luck there, Tony Ortega.

Face to face with the victims of the Backpage human trafficking racket (real people Tony Ortega in his own way helped to victimize), his empty excuses and pathetic Free Speech rhetoric would be nothing short of obscene.

Fortunately, there will always be those of us who will speak out against men like Ortega and his millionaire friends.

We are here to expose them all to the world for the criminals they are.

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