When It Comes to Tony Ortega, We’ve Seen Enough

“Harvey Weinstein is on trial. Jeffery Epstein is no longer with us,” she said. “Dr. Larry Nassar is in prison and on one is selling children on Backpage.com. I know we as a community have done what we needed to do but I know there is more to do.”

These were the words Kathleen Winn, executive director of the sexual exploitation-fighting Project 25/ VAST, spoke to an assembly recently in Arizona to combat the threat of child sex trafficking the men behind Backpage inflicted upon the country before the syndicate was raided by authorities in 2018.

Paid operatives and corporate shills like Tony Ortega may have spilt a lot of ink trying to downplay the vile truth of just how rampant child sex trafficking became under Backpage, but it’s the good guys who appear to getting the final word in the matter.

Try as we might to pass the greatest laws in the state, there’s always people out there trying to exploit others,” said State Sen. J.D. Mesnard.

He said when the slave trade consumed the country before it was abolished, some 13 million people were sold into slavery. The senator went on to explain:

“Thirteen million, that’s a lot.There are twice that many people in the sex-trafficking exploitation, which is a form of slavery. It’s not as obvious because it’s in the shadows.”

He stressed the importance of people being the eyes and ears of the community to help fight sex trafficking.

And in many ways that is what we are here to do. By exposing the corruption at the heart of the Backpage child-sex ring and the willing, lacky yes-men like Tony Ortega who long ago sold off whatever ounce of integrity they had in order to cash in on the misery of others, we, too, can act as the eyes and ears of the community.

As the saying goes, if you see something, say something. And when it comes to low-life operators like Tony Ortega we have seen approach to the issue — to lie, to attack and to discredit those who would oppose him.

Well, we who oppose Tony Ortega and everything he stands for have seen enough. And it’s time to say something.

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