When Skeptics Fail as Skeptics

Back in the Classical age there was a line of thinking known as skepticism. Skepticism did not mean to simply debunk, refute, or sneer at a certain belief or philosophical position, but to question and scrutinize all beliefs and positions (all human knowledge, in fact) from a non-biased position, holding no belief or position of one’s own at the outset.

True skepticism holds no position at all, it is a means of applying disinterested scrutiny to the question at hand.

By contrast, pseudo-skepticism (false skepticism), is the misappropriation of skeptical questioning used only against beliefs that you do not hold yourself.

Sadly modern skepticism has devolved into this kind of sneering contempt for someone else’s belief or philosophical position, as we see so clearly in the biased “pseudo-journalism” of blowhards like Tony Ortega or TV wanna-be Leah Remini.

It’s no exaggeration to say that nowhere is pseudo-skepticism more apparent than when it comes to critics of Scientology these days. No other “skeptics” seem quite so certain of their negative beliefs about Scientology before engaging in honest inquiry into the subject.

We see this again and again in their casual dismissal of legal decision after legal decision in favor of Scientology. “None of those cases matter”, they seem to argue, “because we know any day now the real cases will start.”

It’s past time we realize that these so-called skeptics are really nothing more than radicalized obsessives hellbent on a hate crusade against Scientology. And let the facts be damned if they stand in their way!

The fact remains that atheistic never-in anti-Scientologists are often the most arrogant and intractable pseudo skeptics of all because they think they have all the answers already. And so they charge forth on their misguided crusade with brash overconfidence as they reinforce each others’ confirmation biases while leaving their own motives and beliefs unexamined, completely unaware of the bitter irony they’re all too blind to see.

Namely, that as skeptics they fail by their own standard.

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