Whining Little Twerp

Over the course of this past week we’ve been taking a deep-dive into Tony Ortega’s so-called “professional” past as hack tabloid journalist. We here at the office have to admit, the amount of public vitriolic outrage aimed at Tony Ortega’s biased, one-sided journalism during his time in Kansas City has been surprising, even to those of us familiar with Tony Ortega’s methods.

Today we are looking at a story with some applicability to today’s news. In his truly idiotic piece An Idiots Guide to Protesting”, Tony Ortega takes the opportunity to use the instance of a protest by a local political leader named Bill Douglass to advance his own agenda, mocking and maligning someone Ortega has chosen as an ‘enemy’.

Happily readers were quick to call out Tony Ortega for the hateful troll he is. One reader wrote:

Regarding Tony Ortegas An Idiots Guide to Protesting” (KC Strip, December 11): Im wondering what purpose it serves to humiliate Bill Douglas…He may get emotional about the issues, he may even exaggerate, but Ortega obviously got way too much satisfaction out of making light of a situation that is serious… I didnt get any valuable information from Idiots Guide.”

Rarely does anyone get any real information from the likes of Tony Ortega. As another reader noted:

Tony Ortegas article on Bill Douglas was very misleading and unfair. To devote almost the entire first paragraph to his occupation amounts to economic intimidation. Douglas has suffered at the hands of the KCPD, and now he is made to suffer at the hands of your reporters and your newspaper as well.  Whatever happened to the Pitch that I used to read and cherish?… Shame on the Pitch!

Misleading, unfair, leaning on intimidation tactics in the absence of any real argument, does it get any more “Tony Ortega” than this?

But the complaints to the editor didn’t stop there. They just kept pouring in, like this one from a reader who said:

I have difficulty grasping the degree of sarcasm, condescension and triviality expressed by Tony Ortega regarding the arrest of Bill Douglas… I admire Bill Douglascourage in his work and writing. He is not whining; he is attempting to inform and educate. He is not part of the propaganda machine. Perhaps this threatens Ortega, which prompted him to minimize what Douglas was kind enough to share.

The truth is always threatening to an unthinking cog in the propaganda machine like Tony Ortega!

But perhaps our favorite critique of Tony Ortega’s “Idiocy” journalism came from a reader by the name of Richard Asmus who lamented that by hiring ‘whiny little twerps’ like Ortega, the paper had become meaningless nonsense:

Its sad that the Pitch doesnt have the courage to print real news but manages only to deride those who seek truth. Bill Douglas has been fighting bravely…while the whining little twerps at the Pitch [like Tony Ortega] work so hard to keep the truth hidden. It is reasons like this that keep the Pitch in the class of nonsensical drivel.

What a pack of losers!

We’re with you there, Richard.

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