Who Is Karen de la Carriere?

Karen de la Carriere being interviewed with a rag in the background

Many readers have asked us, who is Karen de la Carriere?

Karen de la Carriere is a retired mistress for hire.

She lives in Los Angeles, CA, with her common-law husband, Jeffrey Augustine aka Jeff Augustine aka JeffSwift.

She came to England from India in the early 1960s. To support herself she worked as a Casino croupier and a call girl, which included having a long-term sexual arrangement with a British parliamentary advisor, where she was set up with a posh apartment, expensive clothing and 250 GBP per month to be available on call whenever her services were needed.

Then, well into her 50s and hard up for money, de la Carriere returned to her roots. She spent relentlessly on plastic surgery and sent email solicitations to potential “johns” under the name “Snow Suzy” complete with price lists and photographs.

Promotional photos that Karen de la Carrire sent to her potential “johns”

In 2015, Karen de la Carriere lost a lawsuit against her former accountant and in his decision the judge made very insightful observations concerning de la Carriere:

“The Court has concluded that both parties (and especially Carriere) were untruthful about many aspects of the case – presenting testimony that was false, conflicting, exaggerated and evasive. In making its factual determinations, the Court has accepted credible documents and has accepted and applied the credible parts of the testimony by Greene and (to a lesser extent) Carriere.”

“Carriere’s evidence about alteration of the 1998 Note and DOT [Deed of Trust] is not credible and has been rejected.”

“Carriere has tried to back away from this admission, but her testimony is not credible.

“At trial, even Carriere begrudgingly admitted that the signature was hers. Carriere’s charge that Greene had forged her signature was reckless and desperate, and it is illustrative of why the Court has so little confidence in what Carriere has said. The Court also finds that Carriere signed the 2003 Note and DOT with full knowledge of and consent to all of its terms. Greene so testified, and this aspect of his testimony is credible. Carriere’s evidence to the contrary is not credible or persuasive. Carriere’s testimony that she did not sign a complete version of the instrument is not credible. The testimony by Carriere and her husband Jeffrey Augustine that Carriere first learned of the instrument in 2012 is not credible.”

“Carriere has argued that she was naive and gullible, and that Greene took advantage of her at every turn. But Carriere’s evidence on this subject is not credible and has been rejected.”

“Carriere testified that Greene assured her that she would not have to pay principal or interest on both the 1998 Note and DOT and the 2003 Note and DOT, but this testimony is not credible.”

Karen de la Carriere’s common-law husband, Jeffrey Augustine is a man with massive delusions of grandeur. Augustine presents himself as a former corporate hot-shot when in truth he was a light bulb salesman. He claims to have lost his faith in Christianity when he was studying to become a minister. He wrote a book in which he claims to have insight into the event that caused the Big Bang. Augustine also claims to have been a Zen Buddhist, a Master Freemason and a Knight Templar. Nowadays Augustine writes over-the-top conspiracy theory blogs for Tony Ortega.

Jeffrey Augustine is second only to Karen de la Carriere in being considered the laughing-stock of social media.

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