Who Watches the Watchers?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? is a Latin phrase coined by the Roman poet Juvenal. It is literally translated as “Who will guard the guards themselves?” but more commonly is used to mean “Who watches the ones we’ve put in charge of keeping watch?”

Today many in Milwaukee, Wisconsin are asking that same question as news broke this past weekend of a pair of women in that city, Samaria Williams and Kendra Bay, who are accused of child sex trafficking using Backpage.

Police say Kendra Bay met at least two teens at the Milwaukee Academy while in her capacity as a guard at the facility.

The Milwaukee academy was meant to be a safe haven and treatment facility for adolescent girls who had lost their way, many who have already been victimized by the scourge of Backpage child sex trafficking.

Management at the academy said Bay passed a criminal background check and that she had worked there for almost three months before she was fired for failing to show up for work.

The victimized girls testified in court that Bay and Williams ended up picking up both girls after they were no longer living at the academy and took them to Chicago, where they were going to perform acts of prostitution.

The young victims also reported being forced into sex acts with strangers and willing to pay Kendra Bay for sex with the young girls who had been in her care.

The girls told police Bay posted ads on Backpage with random names, pictures and phone numbers before selling the teens for sex with strangers to the tune of several hundred dollars a day across Iowa, Minnesota, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

Stories like this, as horrible as they are, are important to keep in mind when Backpage propagandists like Tony Ortega take the position that the accounts of Backpage’s underage victims ‘are grossly exaggerated’. With all we’ve seen in the past few months it appears clear the only thing being ‘grossly exaggerated’ is Tony Ortega’s full-throated defense of the utterly indefensible horror he was a bought and paid apologist for – the Backpage child sex trafficking empire.

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