Why Are All Tony Ortega’s Friends Getting Hauled Up On Sex Crime Charges?

By this point, readers of this blog have seen countless examples of Tony Ortega and his friends engaging in hate crimes ranging from casual bigotry of online hate speech to the dark and violent activities of some of the shadier creeps Tony Ortega pals around with.

Individuals like Paul Haggis who stands credibly accused of rape on a number of occasions.

There must be something that draws Tony Ortega to guys like this. Let’s face it, the last real job he held was for the two bosses who ran the Backpage sex ring (who, similarly, find themselves awaiting trial on more than 90 charges involving sex trafficking and coercion.)

It seems all of Tony’s friends are getting hauled up on sex crime charges these days! Still, what happened to Paul Haggis recently must surely have come as a shock to the likes of Tony Ortega.

You see, at the start of this year a New York appeals court ruled Paul Haggis must face his rape accuser’s claim that he committed a gender-motivated hate crime under the Victims of Gender-Motivated Violence Protection Law.

That’s right Tony, the law takes dim view of those who traffic in hate crimes especially as it concerns unlawful sexual exploitation of their victims.

As New York appellate judge Peter Moulton wrote in his decision:

“[R]ape and sexual assault are, by definition, actions taken against the victim without the victim’s consent… Without consent, sexual acts such as those alleged in the complaint are a violation of the victim’s bodily autonomy and an expression of the perpetrator’s contempt for that autonomy. Coerced sexual activity is dehumanizing and fear-inducing. Malice or ill will based on gender is apparent from the alleged commission of the act itself. Animus inheres where consent is absent.”

Animus inheres where consent is absent’ means evil intent is inherently implied in the absence of consent, Tony.

Just how many of the Backpage child trafficking cases Tony Ortega tried to downplay and write off as excises in “public hysteria” were consensual?

While Tony Ortega was busy misleading the public on the matter, how many of the young women sold on Backpage does Ortega think were being coerced into sex trafficking?

If they are coming after Ortega’s friends for sex-motived hate crimes is it really that much of a stretch to suggest it may only a matter of time until they start looking at Ortega?

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