Why Does Tony Ortega Keep Siding with Child Predators?

Tony Ortega

It’s no secret that Tony Ortega lives to attack people online. Not all people, of course, as evidenced by his strange preoccupation with actively defending and excusing the behavior of known child predators. 

Today we uncover yet another example of this clearly worrying fascination with defending those who would sexually abuse children.

Early in his career, long before his pathological obsession with a religion, Tony Ortega was listlessly casting about for ‘easy marks’ upon whom he might vent his impotent rage. 

Ortega was apparently so captivated by his hate for an Arizona law man that he wrote article after article disparaging and demeaning him. And when he learned the man had arrested an individual named Lance Paul Hawthorne accused of trafficking in child pornography, Ortega wasted no time in taking up the sex criminal’s case. 

Tony Ortega admitted in his article:

“After Hawthorne, then 44, was arrested, the converted garage he lived in was searched, and amid some photos of nude women was found a canister of photographic negatives of young, undressed boys.”

Mystifyingly, Ortega immediately set out to explain the whole thing away, much the same way he would later do in the infamous case of Backpage child sex trafficking scheme. 

Taking great pains to defend the soon-to-be convicted pedophile, Tony Ortega try to downplay the seriousness of the situation by working to convince his readers to see it through the eyes of the accused sex pest. 

Ortega explained with over-generous forbearance that the child pornographer:

“…claimed to have received [the illicit pictures] from another photographer in the early 1970s, when such photos were not illegal, and he denied that he had produced the shots himself.”

Ortegathen went on to defend Hawthorne by referring to him in his piece as being, “not a severe threat . . . he just liked to look at pictures, but was probably not a predator,” beforeadding charitably that Hawthorne’s defense attorney agreed with this sentiment. 

Indeed, supportively, Ortega went on to quote Hawthorne’s attorney as arguing, “that photos of nude children–not engaged in sexual activity–did not meet the legal definition of “lewd” material.”

The court, however, disagreed with Tony Ortega’s sympathetic presentation of Hawthorne, who was quickly convicted of sexual exploitation of a minor and possessing child pornography. 

Is it simply a coincidence that Tony Ortega tried and failed to defend a sex criminal just as he tried and failed to protect Backpage, as their Chief Apologist, from exploiting children, or is there something deeper at work here?

All of this has many wondering just why Tony Ortega seems so eager to speak out on behalf of sex criminals and child abusers. It’s certainly a chilling question, and one Ortega has yet to give a satisfactory answer to.

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