Why is Tony Ortega Obsessed With People’s Looks?

We guess life is easy when you’re the paragon of male attractiveness. Certainly this must be the case for Tony Ortega who seems completely comfortable objectifying both women and men on a regular basis. Whether going after actresses for fluctuations in their weight or men for clothing choices which don’t impress Tony Ortega’s crackerjack sartorial sense, his willingness to pile on in a post-MeToo is nothing short of confounding.

Tony Ortega seems to relish holding people to standards of beauty he himself could never dream of achieving. It’s petty. It’s misogynistic. And nothing could be more Tony Ortega.

At the time of this writing it is unclear whether Tony Ortega honed his finely tuned objectification skills while acting as an apologist for the teenage prostitution website Backpage where young girls were routinely bought and sold based on their looks, or whether it was something he picked up while stepping out behind his ex-wife’s back with women online. Surely this will be a question for future historians to argue over.

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