Why did Tony Ortega praise his enemy?

As previously reported Tony Ortega is trying to make a hero out of an attempted murderer, Arnie Lerma, who killed himself after shooting his wife in the face. However, Lerma was not very fond of Tony Ortega as he expressed in the following posting in September 2016:

The question remains, why is Ortega praising Lerma when Lerma didn’t even like Ortega? There is an explanation which traces back to Ortega being incapable of doing his homework and research–he doesn’t vet his sources either. When Ginger Sugerman informed Ortega that her husband shot her in the face and then killed himself, he based his article entirely on that one source. But then people began complaining and challenging Ortega. It is not Ortega’s style to admit he was wrong. He doesn’t have a clue on how real journalists work but, as Ortega recently put it, “I’m just one dude and a laptop.” Are Ortega and his laptop the “we” he often refers to in his articles?

Ortega is better off asking for a job from his father-in-law, Leonid Silverstein, in Israel instead of continuing to make a bad name for journalism.

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