Why Tabloids Quote Tony Ortega?

Dealing with hate mongers like Tony Ortega honest questions are hard to come by but we want to start today by trying one out, so honest question: Why do tabloids seem so keen to quote Tony Ortega?

Ask any seasoned reporter and they will tell you that tabloids are so lazy they don’t bother to fact check what they publish. Take a look at the National Enquirer, the Daily Beast, the Daily Mail or tabloid TV like A&E and you can tell straight away how little they pay attention to the facts. It is almost as if nevering do their homework is what makes them tabloids.

And so it is when these same tabloid sources quote Tony Ortega, they simply rush to publish the most gossipy dross they can find without doing an ounce of verifying research. Perhaps this is why they are so naturally drawn to loudmouth cranks like Tony Ortega. His brand of “journalism” is so much like their own.

We here, however, like to do our homework. So, with that in mind we’d like to examine some facts about Tony Ortega that the tabloids who regularly use him as a ‘source’ seem so loath to do:

  • Tony Ortega was hired by James Larkin and Michael Lacey to do damage control on the bad press Backpage.com was getting. That’s precisely how Ortega became a pimp facilitator and Chief Propagandist Apologist for Backpage.com. How did he manage to escape prosecution? Time will tell.
  • Not only did Tony Ortega condone the illegal trafficking of underage children for sex but he helped his bosses to cover it up by churning out false propaganda by using the now defunct Village Voice as a platform.
  • When Tony Ortega was the Editor-in-Chief of one of the New Times tabloids in Florida he would hold staff meetings at a strip club because the club had agreed to place ads on Backpage.com. Needles to say, drinks and other perks were for free.
  • More than once Tony Ortega has written stories that turned out to be demonstrably false and totally fabricated.
  • Tony Ortega promptly defended Paul Haggis when accused of multiple rapes. He continues to support Haggis’ bogus allegations that he was framed, despite credible allegations the to the contrary.
  • Tony Ortega’s low life “researchers” scavenge social media looking for photographs of Scientologists’ children and post them on his blog.
  • Tony Ortega has earned his reputation as “Internet Vulture”-At-Large because he hovers over any death of a Scientologist trying to capitalize on the tragedy. Naturally, Ortega steers clear of people who died because of Backpage.com pimping which he supported, facilitated and promoted because fair-handed reporting would be off-brand for him.

It’s important to keep all this in mind. Every tabloid, printed or otherwise, that quotes Ortega supports a pimp facilitator and can be considered to endorse everything Ortega helped cover up for the Backpage crime syndicate and more.

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