Why Tony Ortega Fears the Freedom of Information

It probably would not surprise you to learn that once again Tony Ortega is tipping his hand as to just how hypocritical he really is.

We’re used to hearing Ortega whine and moan as he throws his little tantrums over on his homemade basement blog, but recently Ortega’s hypocrisy has gotten so extreme it’s worth calling out. Tony Ortega had a real hissy fit because an organization he hates had been submitting records requests, legally, we might add.

And what is Ortega’s problem here? Isn’t this exactly what good real journalists are expected to do? Keeping public officials and the government accountable through their publicly available documents under the Freedom of Information Act is part of insuring honest transparency.

But then, honesty and transparency have never been words in Ortega’s vocabulary.

Tony Ortega views public record requests as dirty tricks and weapons of propaganda precisely because that is what he uses them for (browse, if you have the stomach to read through that stench he passes for journalism, his blog and you will find many documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act used by Ortega in a twisted way). And, as always, it is impossible for Ortega to think anyone else could be any less corrupt than he is.

Ortega’s motivations are, and have always, been selfish and exploitative and as a result he simply cannot imagine that everyone isn’t out for selfish gain through the harassing exploitation of others.

In short it is the same con Tony Ortega has always run. Whatever Ortega is guilty of he projects on to others in the hopes that the naive and narrow-minded will see his enemies as their enemies and regard him, poor innocent Tony Ortega, as nothing more than the helpless victim of a smear campaign.

We’ve got bad news for Tony Ortega, we know exactly why he fears the Freedom of Information – because the more people learn about him and the more his deeds are exposed to the world, the fewer naive dummies he’ll have left to feed his hypocritical lies to.

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