Wife beater interviews backpage.com apologist

It is no surprise that Ron Miscavige, a wife beater,  interviewed the infamous Backpage.com and sex trafficking apologist, Tony Ortega.

Watch Ron Miscavige on national television admitting that he beat his wife.

But let’s examine who Ron Miscavige is idolizing.

Tony Ortega

The fight over whether or not Backpage dot com (formerly part of Village Voice Media) is responsible for the content of sex ads placed on its site by pimps and prostitutes and whether it is complicit in sex trafficking is over.

In a stunning reversal, Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer admitted that, “the vast majority of these [Backpage] advertisements are, in fact, advertisements for prostitution services.”

According to Ferrer he was involved in a conspiracy “to create ‘moderation’ processes through which Backpage would remove terms and pictures that were particularly indicative of prostitution and then publish a revised version of the ad. It was merely intended to create a veneer of deniability for Backpage.”

Aside from the big bosses, employees within the Backpage and Village Voice Media organization, participated in the illegal activity.

One of the most outspoken Backpage defenders was Tony Ortega who knew what was going on but did nothing to protect the women and underage girls who were victims. Instead he tried to ward off law enforcement and advocacy groups who were trying to stop human trafficking through the sex trade by attacking them.

One example was the arrest of Marques Williams of Rochester, New York in August 2012 (while Ortega was still defending the Backpage owners).

Williams was busted advertising for sex a 15 year old female on Backpage who he taught how to be a prostitute. He pled guilty to sex trafficking in 2014.

What do we know about Ortega’s role? From his position in the organization Ortega:

a. Knew that Village Voice Media’s main income source was from the prostitution ads.

b. Used the Village Voice paper and online site to attack critics concerned over the trafficking of underage girls through Backpage so the money flow would not be interrupted.

c. Lied that the company was filtering out sex for sale ads when they were actually enabling pimps and prostitutes to hide their illegal activity.

d. Was personally compensated from the income from the sex trade being run through Backpage.

e. Was paid hush money to keep his mouth shut when Backpage was spun off from the Village Voice.

Federal investigators must go after people like Tony Ortega who ran interference for the sex trafficking business and was paid from the profits.

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