Win a Date with Paul Haggis

Paul Paul Haggis has been conspicuously silent of late given all the heat surrounding him in the wake of his multiple rape allegations and his shakey, ever changing excuse attempts.

Well, hang on to your hats. It seems a PR move to ‘rehabilitate’ Haggis’s image as current poster boy for #MeToo victimizers everywhere is currently underway.

Haggis crawled out of the rock he’s been hiding under recently to offer the opportunity “to come face to face… for an intimate date” on what appears to be a charity organization website that must truly be in desperate straits to scrape the bottom of the barrel like this.

Really?! What charity in its right mind would link themselves with Paul Haggis in order to auction off an ‘intimate date’ with an accused rapist? We had to read the listing twice just to believe our eyes.

The idea that this lunch date with an accused date rapist will go up for auction in a couple weeks honestly gives us the creeps just thinking about it. 

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