“You’re Gaslighting Yourself, Tony Ortega”

The internet slang dictionary of record, defines the term “gaslighting” as a “form of intimidation or abuse, sometimes where false information is presented to the victim, making them doubt their own memory, perception and quite often, their sanity.”

For Tony Ortega, however, gaslighting is something more. It is the very definition of his personal and professional life.

When someone acts to alter simple obvious truths with lies they’ve created then deny having done any such thing, even as they are accusing the victim of imagining things, they can fairly be said to be engaging in gaslighting.

And this is exactly the kind of behavior we witnessed from Tony Ortega during his time working for the online brothel also known as Backpage. We have seen time and again how Tony Ortega would regularly lie, obfuscate and pretend he was being attacked anytime he found himself confronted about Backpage.

We’ve previously reported to you the many ways in which Tony Ortega would use his position as Editor-in-Chief at the Village Voice to attack and discredit any activist or journalist who dared challenge any aspect of his deceptive gaslighting operation.

We’ve all seen how Tony Ortega even attacked the underage children being sold as sex slaves, painting them the real manipulators while he himself played the victim card yet again.

Consider, too, that time Tony Ortega’s own college alma mater invited him back to speak to students (for the imagined purpose of somehow motivating them by negative example, we guess?)

Imagine Tony’s surprise upon arriving at the college campus only to find the students were out in force — protesting him, Backpage pimp Tony Ortega himself!

True to form, of course, Tony Ortega immediately took to lying, using the occasion of his speech to gaslight students even further by suggesting it was the protestors who were at fault, not he.  They were the bad guys, not Tony Ortega.

“They don’t understand”, Ortega said to diminish and dismiss those who’d show up that day to advocates against Backpage’s sex trafficking.

That’s what Tony Ortega had to say about passionate people who would stand up against him and the pimps Backpage represented — they just don’t understand!?

Exactly what is it Ortega wanted us to believe they don’t understand?

That Backpage’s countless child victims simply ‘don’t get it’?

That making money from the sale of underage children for sex is really nothing more than a noble act of First Amendment Rights? 

That Tony Ortega, was the true victim here?

Because if that’s what Ortega was thinking he was not just lying to his audience, he was gaslighting himself.

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