You’re Getting What You Deserve

We reported about the ugly story of another Backpage ‘monster’, Erin Graham from Madison Wisconsin. In our last article we highlighted the manipulation common among both the pimps who used the site and the crime bosses who ran it.

For example, Graham would regularly tell his girlfriend, Patience Moore, to act as a sort of mother figure for the victim, known only as ‘Cindi’ who testified he would beat Moore, and have her call them on the phone to beg them to come back.

Cindi went on in her statement to say, “I feel like he’s still out there. I’m scared to go outside.”

This is the lasting impact of Lacey and Larkin, the heartless victimizers who traumatized — and continue to traumatize — victims of their billion dollar ‘trafficked women-for-money sex scheme’.

In one incident, Graham slammed one of the victim’s heads into a TV, Pfluger said. In another, he choked a woman until she defecated. Graham also forced one of the three women to have sex with five to 10 men every day. Assistant U.S. Attorney Julie Pfluger called Graham a “violent and dangerous man” who would put the public in danger, and asked for a sentence of 25 years in prison.

Much like Tony Ortega, Graham’s attorney, Reed Cornia, argued the seriousness of the crimes were overblown by alarmists in the media and asked the judge for a 15-year sentence. Cornia claimed Graham “lost himself,” but that going through the trial and listening to his victims caused him to realize “what he had become” and feel remorse.

In her pathetic statement to the Court, one reminiscent of Tony Ortega’s gutless defense of the Backpage architects, Reed Corina argued, “I have a very strong sense that if Mr. Graham was to leave this court today out of shackles, this would never occur again.”

Graham apologized to the victims and their families, saying that the regret he will carry with him is nothing compared to the pain he caused them.

He also asked for the shorter sentence so that he would not die in prison. He said he did not want these acts to be what he is remembered for by his friends and family, including his daughters. He said he would not return to being a trafficker.

But Peterson doubted Graham’s sincerity, noting that this is the first time Graham expressed remorse. Peterson called Graham a “charmer” and said he “more or less denied the whole thing” up until the last day of the trial.

Peterson said, “He admits what he has to admit when he has no other alternatives.”

Graham was convicted of three counts of sex trafficking, one count of attempted trafficking, one count of conspiracy and two counts of transportation across state lines. He also was sentenced to 20 years of supervision after his prison sentence is served.

Another victim, Danielle Miller, said she hopes Graham learns from this and that his daughters never have to meet Graham’s Backpage pimp alter ego “Sonny.”

Miller, who was not for a moment fooled by the defendant’s decision to take a play from Tony Ortega’s book and attempt to spin the whole thing summed it up best, saying simply, “You’re getting what you deserve.”

As for us here at the blog, we are waiting patiently until Tony Ortega, Michael Lacey and Jim Larked all get what they deserve for the parts they willingly played in all this.

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