YouTube’s Zero Tolerance On Hate Speech Hits Tony Ortega Hard

Tony Ortega is up in arms following what appears to be the next step in YouTube’s arms race against online hate speech — deleting Ortega’s videos.

While we here applaud YouTube for (finally!) beginning to crack down on violations of community standards surrounding hate speech, before we start breaking out the champaign it’s important to step back and savor the irony of one of social media’s biggest hate-speech trolls go into a melt-down mode.

Still stunned it seems by YouTube’s principled, if surprise, move which barred Tony Ortega’s latest video from being hosted on the site, Ortega himself was left utterly without words for once.

Instead, he began retweeting others. Classic Tony Ortega. Why do the work yourself when you can just copy and paste from someone else! And that’s exactly what Tony did, citing one blogger verbatim who complained: Here is the irony of what @YouTube & Faceboook are doing. This is important, so please hear me out. By cracking down on “hate speech” they are at the same time inadvertently cracking down on all of us who are trying to inform & educate about dangerous groups/individuals.

Note the use of quotes around the term hate speech. It’s clear by this point that bigots like Tony Ortega and the faceless, likeminded bloggers he cribs from don’t see themselves for the trolls they are. They see themselves as “brave truth tellers” (air quotes fully warranted here.)

Even in light of evidence to the contrary, they refuse see themselves as the bad guys. As the quote above shows they are casting themselves as the unintended collateral damage who have been “inadvertently” victimized by Youtube’s new policy. Boo-hoo!

To paraphrase Tony’s retweet: Here is the irony of what Tony Ortega & his bigot pals are doing. This is important so please her me out – “You are not victims of an inadvertent crackdown… You are the very reason these policies were put in place to begin with!”

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